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Care Ministries

     At Living Waters Ministries we care about you! That's not just a cliche' but a practice that we live.        Reaching  In to each other is a vital part of our  apostolic value of community. 


The New Testament scriptures are filled with One Another's and our Care Ministry focuses on daily application  of this action in our lives based on the biblical principals of the Word of God. ​ 

What does Care Ministries look like at LWM?

  • Fellowships and dinners

  • Acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and milestones.

  • Practice acts of care if family is in need due to illness or death

  • Pastoral visits to the hospital

  • Pastoral visits to the home




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Community Outreach

      The Apostolic value of Reaching Out to others in our community with Care and the Hope of the Gospel is  built into the fabric of who we are at LWM.


  • Monthly Meetings at Local Care Homes

  •   Personal  in Home Bible Studies

  • National Night Out 

  • We Support Those in Recovery

  • Let's Beautify Cumberland

  • Healing Allegany

  • Community Bible Studies

  • Back To School  Give Away

  • Hat and Gloves Give Away


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Church Operations

      We respect and love the house of the Lord and we take good care of it to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment to      worship the Lord.
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Ladies Ministries facilitates our ladies making friends, being an encouragement to each other and having a time of fellowship.  The Ladies Ministries sponsors gathering that offers a wide range of activities for the ladies to enjoy  at LWM. 

Ladies' Ministries

     Our Men's Ministries offers prayer, friendship and fellowship at our quarterly bible study. We also have planned activities through the year.

God has a much ordained order for the man. He is not simply the "head of the house" and what he says goes. He is the head, the origin, the source from which all things flow for his marriage and his family. If he wants love in his home, he must be the source of love. If he wants peace in his home, he must be a source of peace and so on. God has an order for man and when he is in divine alignment with God, he will impact his marriage, his children, his church, his community.  We offer The Art of Marriage Seminar to individual couples, and annually to the whole church. We have observed  the men of our church applying these bibilcal principles in their hearts and lives and  God doing wonderful things in their marriages and families. God designed marriage and we encourage our couples to live in the fullest that God has for him.

Men's Ministries
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Youth's Ministries

Our WayMakers Youth Group meets on the 2nd Fridays of the month at 7 p.m.

Ages 12-21

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Our church is very thankful for the men and women who volunteer in a variety of capacities to help maintain the house of the Lord. We could never do it without you!!!

Volunteer Ministries

1 Timothy 4:14:

Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.

We are privileged to have prophetic presbytery at LWM. It is a tremendous blessing and very scriptural. Lives of men and women have been transformed by God working through their presbytery.


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​​We have assisted in various global endeavors with offerings to Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, Philippines, India,  Guatemala, Tupelo Children's Mansion, various churches and their projects in the USA.  We also recognize Cumberland as our Mission field.​

Children's Ministries

We provide Sunday School every Sunday morning at 10 A.M.  We also provide other opportunities for children to have fun, but also learn important Biblical lessons throughout the year.