Care Ministries

At Living Waters Ministries we care about you!   That's not just a cliche' but a practice that we live.    Our Care Ministry is a vital link between our saints, our new comers and the leadership team.   We strive to contact you for your birthday, anniversary, happy occasions, sickness and at times simply just because we are thinking about you.   The New Testament scriptures are filled with  One Another's and our Care Ministry focuses on daily application  of this action in our lives based on the biblical principals of the Word of God.



Community Outreach

We reach out into our community in a variety of avenues;


~monthly meetings at local Care Homes,

~National Night Out  Against Crime 

~Narcotics Anonymous

~Let's Beautify Cumberland

~Partner with Allegany County Health Dept endeavors to stop smoking and drug use

~Home Bible Studies

~Community Bible Studies




Church Operations


We respect and love the house of the Lord and we take good care of it  to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment to worship the Lord.