Care Ministries

 At Living Waters Ministries we care about you! That's not just a cliche' but a practice that we live.        Reaching  In to each other is a vital part of our  apostolic value of community. The New Testament scriptures are filled with One Another's and our Care Ministry focuses on daily application  of this action in our lives based on the biblical principals of the Word of God. ​ 

What does Care Ministries look like at LWM?

  • Fellowships and dinners
  • Acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and milestones.
  • Practice acts of care if family is in need due to illness or death
  • Pastoral visits to the hospital
  • Pastoral visits to the home



Church Operations

We respect and love the house of the Lord and we take good care of it to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment to worship the Lord.

Volunteer Ministries
There is a place for you here!

Our church is very thankful for the men and women who volunteer in a variety of capacities to help with ministries ii the house of the Lord. We could never do it without you!!!

  • Hospitality Ministries
  • Media Ministries
  • Music Ministries
  • Helps Ministries
  • Children Ministries
  • Youth Ministries